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The Warriors EP

The Elliotts debut EP Warriors, is a self produced recording which offers an upbeat 60's sound, rich in vocal with a modern edge. It features 6 songs (that were chosen by fans at gigs) and was mixed by Greg Stace (Boy and Bear) & Brian Canham (Pseudo Echo) Official release expected around January 2015 through MGM Favorite Place is Avalible now on itunes


Melbourne Indie Rock Goes National

The Elliotts began in 2007 when Robbie Elliott met James (Wally) Howlett at a gig. It was not until James joined that the group was completed. The pair united under a love of harmonies and worked with Pete Dacy (Taxiride, Superjesus), Brian Canham (Pseudo Echo) and Matt Beckley (Katy Perry) to refine their sound.

The Elliotts have been referred to as a post millennium Hollies by Bud Scooper of US rolling stone. In 2012 following Clint's departure, the band toured Singapore and recorded their first EP. Released in 2013, Warriors features 6 songs and an American Indian warrior on the disk; the title signifies the band's unwavering fight to make their music better and acknowledges the connection to their environment. Warriors has sold over 4,000 copies in Australia and was toured in Europe in 2015.


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